25 Tips for a great Corporate Career Simple tips for an exciting career!

No rocket science, just performance and consistency!

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A corporate career can be exciting, filled with learning and a great place to chart and implement your growth plan.

Here are some lessons from experience, having worked with companies of various sizes, and in roles ranging from a programmer to a director:

  1. First and the most important point: It is only a job.
  2. Do not take undue stress: Have channels for stress release such as sports, hobbies.
  3. Understand the fundamentals: Why you are doing something is very important than how you are going to do it.
  4. Go Deep: Be the expert in your area of work. Even if you are doing just data entry, find out the most efficient way to perform data entry.
  5. Think & behave at the next level: In addition to fulfilling your current responsibilities, slowly and steadily take up next level tasks. My promotions were quick because i freed up my bosses so that they could climb the faster.
  6. Do not gossip. Period. Stay away from gossip.
  7. Dress well: You never know whom you are going to bump into. Being impeccably dressed at any level opens conversations and opportunities that you can never imagine.
  8. Do not take BS from people. There will be people waiting to pass the buck or the monkey to your back – just be aware and act upfront.
  9. Say YES more: Think about this – say Yes to the right things so that you do not even have time to consider the wrong things!

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. -Peter Drucker

10. Working long hours isn’t what is required. Instead,

  • Do your work on/before time
  • Do it in the best possible manner
  • Add value wherever you can

11. No Excuses: No one remembers your excuses, only your output.

12. Knowledge Sharing: Opt for training others in the areas of your choice/expertise.

13. Avoid Office romance: Keep it professional at office – let us not create any blemishes in our image. You will also steer clear of any unnecessary controversies later on.

14. Let go: People will steal credit, raise undue concerns, belittle you – understand that the very fact that you have made them insecure means you are doing a great job! Do not hold grudges, rather smile and move on.

15. Office politics cannot be avoided: Like ships sailing through ice floes, know how to navigate without getting entrenched in it.

16. Communicate well: Write great emails, speak well, get your point across.

17. Meeting hero! Be a meeting hero – go prepared, take notes and volunteer for follow-ups and tracking. The learning is immense.

18. Skip Level Contact: Know your boss’ boss. Have periodic conversations.

19. Get Mentors: You will be surprised by the readiness of senior folks to mentor you. reach out to many – you will get atleast one mentor who will assist you in your journey.

20. Customer loves value: Be customer centric, it will take you places.

21. Never settle: Don’t settle for mediocrity or shoddy work. You have an image to uphold. Own, deliver.

22. Take risks: Opt for the most challenging of assignments that others are refraining from. There is magic in boldness and you will figure out the ropes.

23. Volunteer: Volunteer for activities outside your work. Never miss a chance to interact with other departments or companies.

24. Be fit: Fitness helps in all areas and will be a major performance and image booster.

25. Add value. Add value. Add value.

Know this – your every interaction refines your image. Make every touchpoint count, be it an email, a meeting, a water-cooler conversation or a presentation.

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