“Just take the small steps. Start.”

Draw a dot on a piece of paper.

Draw another dot touching it. Now draw one more similar dot and one more and one more. Repeat for 100 dots.

What did you get?

A line right? So essentially, a line is made of a series of adjoining dots. Similarly, any change, big or small is a series of small changes. Life, similarly, is a series of experiences. You just experience, you don’t think how is it making up life. When you go ahead and look back, you realize the life you are creating.

Focus on the pixels— the bigger picture will get formed by itself

Everything needs to be broken down into its constituents — then you will realise there is no big or small, it is just the magnitude. A handful of sand will be called a heap while trillions of sand particles together will constitute a desert or a beach!

For finishing a book, I focused on my daily page count. For becoming healthy, I focused on getting my next workout done. For delivering a great pitch deck, I focused on each slide, one by one. For my relationships, I focused on simple, small actions consistently.

What could some big changes be?

  • becoming a millionaire — it is still made by earning and saving individual units of currency
  • becoming healthy — each muscle gained and each gram lost make up your health
  • becoming an expert in your field — each page read and each article written create the expert
  • becoming a great artist — each line of a song, each stroke of your brush and each note of your music make you the virtuoso
  • becoming a great life partner — everyday acts of kindness and understanding mould you into one!

The changes to do are small, but consistently done changes make up the bigger changes in life.

Remember, it was never the 100th blow that broke the rock — the 99 before it had an equal role to play!