Rock your presentation! USe the location for your topics!

Use Locations as memory tags!

Let me explain. Many times, you would have seen that when you visit a place where you have been, memories come flooding! There would be some memories that you would not have even realised that you remember! Location is such an important aspect in remembering things. That is why memory techniques such as the memory palace work!

Now, how to use this for your short speech?

When you say 3 minutes, It wouldn’t be more than 4–5 sets/ideas that you would be taking up. Imagine 5 positions on the stage such as this:

Use each position to deliver the set of ideas/content for that position. The pressure on memorization is much less and you feel relaxed at every step, fully aware that when you reach the next point, you will automatically get the ideas to cover!

When delivering a longer presentation and more ideas, you can either increase the number of positions ( i would suggest stop at 7) or cluster your ideas in a better way so that you can pack more related ideas in a single position.

Now, what if you are delivering this online, while sitting?

You can still move your foot to the virtual positions under the table! Or you can choose 5 everyday objects such as pens, erasers, pen-drives.. to illustrate the steps and keep them in front of you!

Even if you just rehearse this once, you will see an amazing difference!

Good Luck! Rock the stage!