The Joy of constantly ‘upgrading’ yourself!

The shifts in technology have been amazing to say the least! Technology Changes – Everyday!

I am a Millenial.

Technology attracts me like nothing else.

I have seen a sea of change!

– Moved from 8-inch to 5 1/4  inch to 3 1/2 inch floppy disks!

– We jumped in glee at using the shiny CDs, followed by DVDs and then Blue-rays!

– We saw ‘Thumb’/Pen drives proliferate along with external HDDs

– We saw Moore’s law in action – performance of systems getting better and better while becoming smaller and smarter!

– Mobile phones metamorphosed from brick like devices to the smart snazzy devices that we use today!

– From Dial-up modems and their classic connection noise, that we would patiently handle   we have moved to superfast broadband!

– Websites and Applications for each and everything – you name it, it is available!

– Laziness and convenience got a boost with on-line shopping. Anything and everything delivered at the click of a mouse!

– We are connected more than ever before – very social!

– We are in the knowledge proliferation age. All that you want to know is available and all you have to do is just ask! Isn’t this a great time to be!!