True Leadership: What makes a leader, a leader?

Leadership is in the little actions. The small gestures. The ‘minor’ touchpoints that present themselves throughout the day.

Small gestures have a big impact!

Amazing leaders know that the smallest of actions matter. It is in the smallest of actions that build amazing foundations in work and life.

I am thankful to have learnt from,

– A boss who used to get me coffee and sandwiches when I was too busy to leave my desk

– A client leader who used to take an additional set of minutes/notes to supplement my own when I juggled responsibilities in important meetings

– A boss who remembered each and every team member’s birthday of the team and celebrated them

– A very senior person, in my initial days, who made it a point to spend his coffee time with me twice a week and the amazing conversations that moulded me

– A very famous CEO who spent a complete day with me and even let me participate in 3 really useful business meetings as a management student – A boss who used to invite me home for every meal while at Onsite, so that I don’t feel homesick!

– A trusting boss who asked me my version of the story first before providing me with the feedback he received

– A leader who used to place his reputation on line based on my word, and asked no explanation

Many more have proved by their behaviour that the magic of leadership is in how you make every interaction at work special!

As you can see, the most impressive leaders I had operated from a position of concern and expertise, rather than a position of authority. They did the right thing to make the individual feel special and appreciated – the good work automatically happens! They do not deal in Egos and Credits – they deal in emotions and experiences.

Here’s a short summary of my top learnings:

Let’s be great leaders and redefine leadership!


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Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian on LinkedIn: Great Leaders Understand Why Small Gestures Matter