You still have Hope!

A Poem on Hope, Persistence and Life!

It isn’t always clear & sunny,
The nagging pessimism is anything but funny...
The waves of anxiety rise & fall,
You feel this is apocalypse,
the end of it all!

News of despair & destruction,
Keep flowing in without interruption...
Waves of negativity have rocked everyone’s boat,
Trust your will, to keep yourself afloat! 

The numbers of despair are all you see, 
Even when you close your eyes, Wanting to be free!
Dubious sources for statistics & lies 
are made up as the crow flies! 

The iron will of man is put to test,
Time to stand straight, & swell out your chest.
Though the really inevitable seems to draw near,
Be bold & look at the other side of fear!

The spirit inside is anything but demure, 
Violence, hurt & adversity have made it inure.
Fight & push with all your might,
Victory is as sure as the day follows the night!

Acts of kindness & courage are never small, 
You are victorious till you give it your all.
Be bold, and act as if high on dope,
Even if you have nothing, 
You still have Hope
You still have Hope!
  • Bharath Kumar Balasubramanian