Another Day

A short poem on welcoming a new day, new dreams and a new life

Another glorious sunset,

Taking with it another day.

Many were the moments lived well,

And a few that didn’t go my way.

It is a big shift that happens,

Pushing people from activity to stupor.

Brings the nocturnal ones out of hiding,

A different lifestyle comes to the fore.

The sunset dawns on you slowly,

Another day is now past.

The hours tick away slowly,

Yet the day whizzes by fast.

The day gave its best shot,

Drowning everyone in bright sunshine.

If you make the most of it,

You would be doing just fine.

More often than not,

You miss something when it isn’t there.

Like how it led to discovering light,

When the shining orb wasn’t there.

It is good to miss things,

So that you can enjoy the absence too!

There is no charm in omnipresence,

Missing brings out the value true.

Everyday you live,

And yet, every morning is a new life

We wake up to face another day,

And prepared to overcome another strife.

Every single day is different,

And comes with its gifts and shocks.

It is like a beautiful beach,

With water, sand and rocks.

As unfailing as the rising sun,

Live as the saying goes.

Conquer each day as it comes,

About tomorrow, no one knows.

It is only a matter of hours,

That the sun will again shine.

‘Carpe Diem’, it will be all over again,

Would ensure that the day is mine!