Against Nepotism and Blocking in the Indian Movie Industry

The death by suicide of a bright young talent had me thinking……

Dedicated to Sushant Singh Rajput, who gave up hope, and to the hundreds of Sushants who are holding in, biding their time……

Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise was untimely, but he chose to do it. I wouldn’t call him weak, he must have had his fights with the decision until the real nadir of helplessness took over him, leading to the moment of weakness.

Suicide isn’t a joke. To let go of anything in life needs courage, and life is no different.

Nepotism and Blocking has existed everywhere — workplaces, sports, cine industry,… name it. While the co-existence leads to better performance with performance benchmarks rewritten, it also takes its toll on the ones who have been denied opportunities, seemingly for no fault of their own.

Instead of playing the victim, I feel it is the time of the underdogs to come together and create a resolute force on their own.

Here are 10 steps to create an alternative powerhouse:

  1. Be united. You know that there are other individuals such as you. Some outspoken, some suffering silently. Seek them out, create a team based on talent and values.
  2. Pool In. From your resources to your talent, come together to pool-in your resources to create amazing pieces of art. You may not be able to match the grand sets or exotic locales to begin with, but understand that we are thrilled with seeing movies such as Masaan, Newton and Chichhore too

Great acting and excellent story-telling speak louder than grand sets and star casts!

3. Create your own scripts. Create an amazing story where the best of your talents can come together. For example I always visualize Rajkummar Rao, Ayushmann, Vicky Kaushal, Sushant Rajput and the like to come together and make amazing crime thrillers or army based movies to begin with.

4. Don’t seek stardom too soon. I think the lifestyle and the money are the biggest traps. Quick money in tens of crores, a Page 3 lifestyle and so called ‘network’ of influential people are the traps.

5. Seek out amazing folks. There are many many individuals — from cameramen to acclaimed directors who would be ready to lend a hand. Work with them, pay what you can, get into ingenious contracts.

6. Choose alternative distribution. So what if major theater chains refuse to host your movies because of influences. Choose online streaming, choose run-down theaters (they are there in every city and could use a boost!) and even release it on YouTube. Make the noise — the money will follow.

7. Stay away from toxic relations. You do not need arm candies. You need folks by your side who can help you stay grounded, offer you sane advice and not work against you and satisfy their ulterior motives.

Create an army of Davids for the Goliaths out there — Slings Ready! Aim! Fire!

8. Crowd source. Crowd source your movies. I will be happy to contribute to a movie as long as it has atleast one of the actors mentioned. You have amazing actors such as Kangana who will also be happy to be part of such endeavors.

9. Share and share alike. This team has to be rock solid — not divided over petty things such as profit sharing and costs.

10. Believe you can. You certainly can do it. For every Goliath out there there are tens of Davids among you — go on, take positions, battle.

Just know that people are watching. We are with you.

We, viewers, love good entertainment. There are directors and production houses out there in the world who would be happy to take your talent to new heights. Let’s not be myopic with just our desi ‘woods’ and their insecure rulers.

All the world’s a stage — just ensure to play out your parts completely.