Better Than Yesterday!

What is life, if not a series of experiences,

You play a million roles and more.

Each incident teaches you its own lessons,

Just have the courage to leave the shore!

Nothing comes easy and everything needs to be earned

Just don’t be afraid of the hardships and enjoy the strife.

Resistance will be very high and only comfort will be sought 

Carry on strongly, for on the other side of fear, is life.

You read and hear experiences, success stories and dare-devilry

from Peddlers of inspiration trying their best to woo

Alas, you will realise that nothing actually changes

till you heed the true calling inside you!

We are ever fascinated by success

but do not know in full, what price to pay

It boils down to following your heart, no matter

what anyone and everyone else has to say!

You will never be bored from doing new things

And should always look forward to more.

‘Yes’ is the magic word to say,

To open, without knocking, life’s magic door!

None the wiser after countless inspirations

no real progress, despite everything in the head

Decided to listen only to my heart now

Be Better Than Yesterday’, is all it said