The One Question to ask yourself everyday

If I were to die today, would I die happy or regretful?

we take life for granted. The irony – we prepare ourselves for the vicissitudes of life. We save, buy health and life insurances and grow our bank accounts.

yet, we seldom live upto our potential or do the things that actually matter.

  • Pursuing your hobby – oops! I don’t have time.
  • Making up with a loved one – let him/her apologise, my ego doesn’t allow that!
  • Quitting your job – let me wait until the next performance review, maybe things will get better!
  • Leaving a hurting relationship – I shall give the person some more time, he/she will change for the better
  • Starting a heartfelt initiative – I don’t have the funds or network right now. Maybe next year
  • -…<many many IF-ONLYs>

Whom are we fooling? You do not have forever. Move.